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I was a part-time employee and a student 2 years ago. Thanks to online business, I was able to start my career as an entrepreneur, achieve financial independence and realize dreams that are inaccessible to all those who ignore the power of the web.



Public Group: 24/7 available assistance within a community

Ultra Group: monthly case study and overview of the process I follow from A to Z


One on one live coaching program to answer your questions leading you to be a successful entrepreneur..


Course: 4 videos to help any beginner to start a branding dropshipping store.

Upgrade course: A lifetime access to an ultra complete training.


5-7 days in a private location, making live coaching to answer all your objections and LIVE RESULTS

Zainab Zaitani

Zainab Zaitani’s Achievements
  • CEO and Founder of ECOMDEALERS.
  • From a part-timer and student to an independent entrepreneur.
  • Making several MILLION DOLLARS at 21 Years Old.
  • Expert in dropshipping with an up to date process.
  • Built more than 100 multiple and mono profitable stores.
  • Mentored over 500 Students from all over the world
  • Own a Facebook private group with +12.5K member

Zainab Zaitani’swords

My life has completely changed in the last 2 years, many thanks to everyone who has been part of this amazing journey.
During my teaching experience, I had the chance to get in touch as a personal mentor, with hundreds of students.
I really want to say thank you to anyone that allowed me to work with them and joined me on this fact-paced journey.
I feel blessed to be surrounded by so many people, I love what I’m doing, and I appreciate every single person who has been part of the Ecom Dealers System

Zainab Zaitani

What Are You Waiting for?

# Dedication HardWork & Trust The Process !!